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We are interested in the vital Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, the Life Force.

It can be experienced during Aikido for non violent self defence,

in Chi Kung for fitness and wellbeing, and Reiki for healing.

O Sensei



Aikido is also known as the Art of Peace and the direct translation would be:

Ai - Harmony (or Love)

Ki - Energy (or Life Force)

Do - Way

The way of harmony and energy.


Chi Kung (Qigong)


Sometimes called an internal martial art, as there isn't much external movement (by comparison with other martial arts). The movement is internal, so one is aware of the flow of Chi, the Life Force. That is also the way to develop it further.




Is a way of healing using energy, or Ki. The energy is passed from the practitioner via touch in different parts of the body. Yet, it is not the healer's own energy, it is the universal energy being channeled through.